Sunday, September 23, 2012


At Target wanting me to get her a treat, "Please, gorgeous girl!" I am in trouble!


August 27, 2012

The day has finally come! My big girl is a preschooler. She couldn't wait for this day to come (not gonna lie, I couldn't wait either!). Miss E is loving her class and especially her teachers. For such a spitfire, she certainly gets nervous in new situations, but her teachers are quick to swoop her up, give her a love, and move on...perfect for her. She is in class twice a week for two hours. The first day she was so nervous, but as soon as she got in the car after class she didn't even take a breath when telling me what she did: " We played with toys, we colored a picture, we sang a song like this "Alice the camel has 5 humps," we had a snack..." and on and on!

 She looks so grown up!
 I think she was more excited to finally wear her school clothes than anything else.
 She could hardly contain herself to take serious pictures, finally mom relented so Miss E could be her silly self.
It was so sunny! 1st day pictures with Mrs. Ellis and Miss Dixie, we love them already!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Little Lady Had A Birthday

On Sunday, September 2 we celebrated Sweet Pea's first birthday. Since she is our little lady we made it a ladybug party. It was a pretty family dinner party, but we loved it! We were so lucky to have Grandma K, Auntie Shell and Uncle Andy, Auntie Kels, Aunt Cindy, Grandma Ro, and Grandpa and Grandma Great. Sadly we were missing Grandpa K and Uncle Matt!

Here was our little birthday photo shoot her her full ladybug getup:

 We had "Ladybug Haystacks" for dinner with a "Garden of Toppings"
 "Ladybug Greens" and Raspberry Pretzel Jello
 I love these pictures of Grandpa Great reading to Miss E. I love that this little girl shares a love of reading with Grandpa!

 From left to right: Andy, Cindy, Evie, Grandma Great, Grandma Ro, Grandma K
And here are Auntie Shell and Auntie Kels with Tiny
Steve was there, too. This awesome pic is courtesy of Miss E, the budding photographer.
Oh how I love this sweet little girl!

Sweet Pea is One!

This girl is such a doll! We have had a blast watching her learn and grow over the last year.
 She literally woke up smiling on her birthday. This is a face that we see very often.
 Here are some tidbits about Sweet Pea on her first birthday:
*She pulls herself to a stand on anything and everything
*She can cruise along couches and tables, she even uses our kitchen chairs and bar stools as walkers
*She is a champion stair climber but still thinks it's a good idea to go down the stairs face first
*She just figured out how to climb up on to our couch
*She can say mama, dada, hi, and "mo" for more food
*She loves to sing Patty Cake and Popcorn Popping
*She has some sweet dance moves
*She eats pretty much everything we put in front of her and loves it, in fact she cries every time she finishes her meal regardless of how much we have given her to eat
*Her favorite foods are: oatmeal with yogurt, all fruit, spaghetti, 
*She is a mama's girl through and through but will take daddy pretty happily too
*She sleeps through the night, although getting to sleep is a bit of a struggle most nights
*She loves to look through books by herself, but gets really wiggly when I try to read to her
*She still has such a sweet disposition, however she has recently discovered her scream. Oh boy, is it loud and shrill!
*At her one year appointment she was weighed and measured and found out that she is extra tiny (aside from her noggin) and has gone down on the growth charts. We have to keep an eye on her weight this month and reweigh her in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we can fatten her up a bit!
 Just like Miss E we celebrated her first birthday with spaghetti for dinner and donuts for dessert. She was in heaven!

 Miss E was very happy with the birthday spread.
 Sweet Pea loved the donut so much she tried to shove the whole thing into her mouth at one time. Luckily mom and dad were there to swipe out the mass of dough!
I just love this little girl to bits and feel so blessed to be her mama!

One Year Stats:
Weight: 18.10 lbs 29th %ile
Height: 29.5 inches 58th %ile
Head Circumference: 47 cm 93 %ile

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miss E-ims

This girl cracks me up daily. Unfortunately I am not the best at recording all of the hilarious things she says. Here are a couple of her latest funnies:
*Said out of the blue: "I love pigs because they are much pinker and roll in mud."
*While snuggling with me on the couch: "Mom, I like your face because it is cute and awesome."
*She is obsessed with the idea of getting married to her little friend that lives in our neighborhood. She is always talking about when she gets married and how she will get flowers and wear a white dress and veil and her groom-to-be will wear a suit and tie. She knows that she will need some flowers and then they can kiss on the lips. The crazy thing is that I do not ever talk about it, I don't bring it up or ask her questions about it. She initiates this discussion almost daily and has it all worked out. She has even got him talking about it and he has a tiger ring picked out for her from his play room. Yikes!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 Years Later...

And I love this guy more than ever! This last year has been a hard one between learning how to be parents to two crazies and lots and lots of school and work. I am so glad that Steve is the person I get to work and grow with. He is beyond patient with my crazy craziness and works so hard to provide a wonderful life for our family.
We were able to celebrate our anniversary on Friday by going out together without the kids! Hooray! We went to dinner at Maddox then out to see the romantic film, The Dark Knight Rises. It was perfect and so fun to have a chance to talk and actually hold hands when we were walking.
Here's to many many more anniversaries!

Beautiful Girlies

Really this was supposed to be a cute post full of after church photo shoot photos. Instead it is a cute post full of photo shoot fails, since that was all I got today! The girls are still very cute, so I am not too sad.

These outfits were from Grandma K and Miss E loves to wear them because then she can be "matcher matchers" with Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea will be one tomorrow and I can't even believe it! This last year has flown by and I love these girls more than I can even say.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Afternoon Walk

Today, although cold, was beautiful and sunny. The girls and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather while Steve was inside working on the girls new room. It was a nice break from our cabin fever!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was kind of rough. We have those days around here occasionally. And unfortunately, occasionally comes more often than I would like to admit. The last couple of months have had lots of these occasional rough days. (Thankfully, Christmas vacation was a nice reprieve and we are back on the wagon of making the awesome days outnumber the hard ones.) So anyway, I have been working on looking for the good, funny, cute things that come out of each day. With the children I have been blessed with, these moments are plentiful!

 Big sister was having a serious melt down at some point in the day (well, one of her many meltdowns today) and got sent to time out. Bless her heart, the poor thing can NOT for the life of her stay in time out for more than a second, and I heard her heading upstairs. As I was on the phone with my mom at the moment (and I really didn't care what she was doing so long as it wasn't hitting me or the baby or hurting herself) I let her go. A few minutes later Sis came running down the stairs to tell me, "I cleaned my room and maked my bed, ALL by myself. Come see, Mommy! Come upstairs with me!" Sure enough she had picked up all of her toys and pulled the covers up on her bed the best her 2 (almost 3) year old self could. Looking back on it now, I am in happy and proud tears because that girl knew exactly what I needed. She knows her messy room makes me ca-RAY-zy and she knew that a clean space helps me to be a happier, nicer mom.

Another little funny that Miss E has started lately is saying, "teeny bit, not too much," about lots of things. When I ask her if she is nice to her friends she will respond, "I am a teeny bit mean, not too much." When asked what she wants on her waffle, she will say, "a teeny bit of syrup, not too much." I can ask her if she was sad at the babysitters and she says, "um, a teeny bit, not too much." It totally cracks me up!

Final thought about E, this girl is so stinking smart. I feel like the stereotypical mommy blogger by saying that, but I am so proud of her! She has started drawing people that actually look like people! This is so huge to me. She is also on her way to figuring out shapes and numbers and counting and all of that fun stuff. I feel like I can physically see her brain working and growing every day. It is so cool! Plus, I just love the way she says circles: "suh-cles." 

Tonight after I put E to bed I kept the little one up for a few extra minutes of snuggles and laughs. (Can I just tell you what an angel she is! Several times a week I have to tell her to stop smiling so much so she can eat...seriously, she smiles that much.) I love those special moments with my kids when all is quiet and I can whisper and tell them how much I love them and how lucky I am to be their momma. 

In hindsight it is so easy for me to see the blessings I have spilling throughout all the aspects of my life. I have been blessed with a wonderful, loving, supportive (and extra handsome) husband and two absolutely beautiful inside and out girlies. I have a family and in-laws who care for me and my family despite our craziness. I have faith in my Savior who knows exactly how I feel on days that are hard and sends innumerable tender mercies my way. I am such a lucky lady! I know that life is good.