Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was kind of rough. We have those days around here occasionally. And unfortunately, occasionally comes more often than I would like to admit. The last couple of months have had lots of these occasional rough days. (Thankfully, Christmas vacation was a nice reprieve and we are back on the wagon of making the awesome days outnumber the hard ones.) So anyway, I have been working on looking for the good, funny, cute things that come out of each day. With the children I have been blessed with, these moments are plentiful!

 Big sister was having a serious melt down at some point in the day (well, one of her many meltdowns today) and got sent to time out. Bless her heart, the poor thing can NOT for the life of her stay in time out for more than a second, and I heard her heading upstairs. As I was on the phone with my mom at the moment (and I really didn't care what she was doing so long as it wasn't hitting me or the baby or hurting herself) I let her go. A few minutes later Sis came running down the stairs to tell me, "I cleaned my room and maked my bed, ALL by myself. Come see, Mommy! Come upstairs with me!" Sure enough she had picked up all of her toys and pulled the covers up on her bed the best her 2 (almost 3) year old self could. Looking back on it now, I am in happy and proud tears because that girl knew exactly what I needed. She knows her messy room makes me ca-RAY-zy and she knew that a clean space helps me to be a happier, nicer mom.

Another little funny that Miss E has started lately is saying, "teeny bit, not too much," about lots of things. When I ask her if she is nice to her friends she will respond, "I am a teeny bit mean, not too much." When asked what she wants on her waffle, she will say, "a teeny bit of syrup, not too much." I can ask her if she was sad at the babysitters and she says, "um, a teeny bit, not too much." It totally cracks me up!

Final thought about E, this girl is so stinking smart. I feel like the stereotypical mommy blogger by saying that, but I am so proud of her! She has started drawing people that actually look like people! This is so huge to me. She is also on her way to figuring out shapes and numbers and counting and all of that fun stuff. I feel like I can physically see her brain working and growing every day. It is so cool! Plus, I just love the way she says circles: "suh-cles." 

Tonight after I put E to bed I kept the little one up for a few extra minutes of snuggles and laughs. (Can I just tell you what an angel she is! Several times a week I have to tell her to stop smiling so much so she can eat...seriously, she smiles that much.) I love those special moments with my kids when all is quiet and I can whisper and tell them how much I love them and how lucky I am to be their momma. 

In hindsight it is so easy for me to see the blessings I have spilling throughout all the aspects of my life. I have been blessed with a wonderful, loving, supportive (and extra handsome) husband and two absolutely beautiful inside and out girlies. I have a family and in-laws who care for me and my family despite our craziness. I have faith in my Savior who knows exactly how I feel on days that are hard and sends innumerable tender mercies my way. I am such a lucky lady! I know that life is good.

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Jessie said...

You're not alone! We all have our days... and even weeks. I've been battling morning sickness for nearly 3 months now and I am sooo sick of being sick! It's hard to have patience and appreciate the funny things my toddler does every day. But when I do notice--those moments where his face lights up, he gives me a hug, the sunlight is spilling through my windows--those are the moments that make my life happy and worthwhile. They come just a minute at a time. But five, ten, fifteen, of those a day make my life worthwhile. :)