Friday, September 20, 2013

Miss E's Recital Performance

May 16, 2013

"The Belltower"
I knew she was super nervous because she was swinging her feet like crazy. Afterward she gave me such a huge grin. I sure love this girl!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spring Recital

May 16, 2013

I held my final recital with my Utah piano students on May 16. This was an especially significant recital because Miss E performed for the first time (first time in a recital-she had already played in her school talent show). She played a song called, "The Bell Tower" and did a fabulous job! I will try to find the video of that to post as well. She was so nervous to introduce herself, but she played beautifully. I was so proud! She was just excited that she was allowed to eat the treats afterward.

This was an emotional recital for me, knowing that I would be leaving my students this summer. I thanked them for allowing me to teach them and did my best to not cry like a little girl. It was so hard! My kids all were fabulous, as usual, and left me with the best memories.

I have yet to decide if I am going to start teaching here. It really is time consuming and I will have to figure out what to do with my kiddos while I am teaching. I had a pretty sweet deal with a family in Plain City, piano lessons in exchange for babysitting. For now I am still trying to find my piano beneath the boxes!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wholly Summer

This summer was nuts. Truly. Starting with a fabulous dream trip to Hawaii and ending with us living in a new state. Whew!

June brought a family (adults only) trip to THE Big Island. It was wonderful! It was a huge hoorah to celebrate Mom's birthday, Mom and Dad's anniversary, and Matt's last family trip before he left for his mission. We had lots of fun, ate lots, got lots of sun...basically it was lots of everything! We had a wonderful time being together as a family. I couldn't ask for greater siblings and parents. I love them so much!

The end of June meant preparations to move to Washington. This was a very bittersweet time for our family. Steve had to start his new job on July 2 and I wasn't moving with the girls until the 20th of July. That meant lots of late nights and early mornings. I saw the sun rise on many mornings. Without the help of family and friends this move would not have worked as smoothly as it did. I am forever indebted to countless people!!!

Here is one last "beauty shot" of our home. We love this home. It will always be our first purchased home that we poured heart and soul into. Our second baby was brought home here. Many tears, both happy and sad, were shed in this home.

The best of the best people live in our old neighborhood/ward. They were truly there to lift me and my girls up and I know that Steve and I both felt comfort because I was so taken care of. My incredible sister and brother in law also went above and beyond the call of duty that week!!!

The day we loaded the truck, July 19, the house was immaculately clean and all of our toys were packed up. I did not want the girls in the house so we got in the car and they promptly fell asleep. I headed to my favorite lunch spot, Kneaders, and got a yummy lunch from the drive through. We then headed to Beus Pond Park to explore. The girls got even more tired and more dirty. We were lucky enough to be invited to our favorite friends house for dinner and baths before bed.

Once we got all of our stuff to Kennewick and unloaded from the truck, we promptly turned around and went on vacation!!! The girls and I met our besties, the Knights, in Boise and then went to my mom and dad's cabin in Donnelly, ID. It was a wonderful few days of food, fun, and friends. We loved our beach days!

 August brought more tears with the departure of our favorite brother to the Missionary Training Center to learn how to be a missionary to the Japanese people. Whew, that was a hard but great day!

Then it was off the the Kartchner family reunion at Bear Lake to celebrate these two and their fabulous legacy.

Finally, in the middle of August, we were "home," whatever that meant at the time. Our new home in Kennewick is on a huge lot and we have met many kind people. We are still moving boxes around. It still feels new and a bit uncomfortable, but in time I know it will begin to feel like home.

And last but not least, our last celebrations of the summer include our anniversary and to love on this little girl! Tiny turned 2 on the 20th and we loved every minute of that day. She is such a light in all of our lives.

This summer was overwhelming at its worst and incredible at its best. I have cried tears of pain, sadness, even sorrow, and lots of tears of joy. We know that we are loved and I have never felt it so clearly and purely as I did this summer. I have been blessed!