Thursday, April 23, 2009

More 1st Grade Funnies

I had to write a couple more silly things down so I don't forget when I'm done this year!

Yesterday I was talking with my class about the sound made by the double o. Usually it makes a oooo sound but sometimes it's irregular. As I was writing the irregular words up on the board the kids were trying to guess what I was going to write. The first word I wrote was "cook," which they guessed right. The second was "good," again a right answer. The third word I got "boo" written and from the back of the class I hear "BOOB!" Incorrect...the word was supposed to be book. Sadly I had to face the board for a few seconds so I could get my laughter in control before turning back around.

Today our whole first grade was practicing our songs for our program. One of the songs talks about families and the things families do for one another. The teacher leading the song wanted the kids to remember the rhyming words so she iterated the first line for them, "They help us, smile, and cheer; We share a laugh a...." When out of the middle of the group we hear, "A Beer!" She ignored him the first time while still trying to get the right answer out when he yelled out again, "We could share a beer!" The teacher said, "No, we do not do drugs or use alcohol; beer is alcohol. We cannot share a beer." She was very mature and moved on, but the other three teachers in the room had a good giggle.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day

Today E and I had a wonderful Mommy Daughter day! We started out the day by sleeping in. I decided I would sleep as long as she would let me and, after a few feedings, we were able to sleep until 11! I felt like a college freshman again! Steve was working and my father-in-law (the saint who has been here to baby sit for the last month) was in Salt Lake for the day so E and I stayed in our jammies for another hour or so. E then let me clean for a couple of hours. We rewarded ourselves by going out to lunch at a local pizza cafe and taking a drive through town. I came back to clean some more and found that the bulbs I planted in the fall finally bloomed!As I started dinner E was able to work on a little tummy time...she didn't scream for once! After dinner we sat down to work on making E's baby announcement, which she obviously found boring... It was an awesome day and I look forward to summer when we can spend every day together!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am doing another book order and it's due tomorrow. If you are interested in ordering anything and I will see you in the next few months please do it! These books are a great deal and I can get points toward getting books for my classroom.

Go to and click on the Parents tab then scroll down to Book Clubs (or book orders, I'm not really sure which). Enter the username mrsburdens class and the password pathfinder. Make sure to put in your name where it asks for the student's name, that way I know who it is for! I'll probably place the order tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

We had such a fun Spring Break! We went to Boise and rested and played. I love going home and relaxing with my family. We had a blast going out to lunch and watching movies. Steve even got to go golfing a few times. The weekend was crazy fun. My cousin and her two cuties as well as my aunt and uncle and their family got to my parents' house on Thursday. We made cake pops as seen on the Bakerella blog and hunted for eggs. My cousin's son was very excited to make popcorn in the air popper...We loved listening to him scream, "Take it off! Take it all the way off!" to my mom. He was a little disappointed when the popcorn didn't pop all over the kitchen. We finished the week with a nice Easter dinner at Steve's sister's home. What a great week! It was very hard to come back to reality on Monday. (I am sorry the quality of the picture is so bad! I'm not sure what is up with blogger today!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 Month Appointment

This is E right after her shots...look at how serene she looks! I was amazed!

I know I already posted about E's 2 month "birthday" but I figured I would post her stats from her appointment this morning for posterity's sake.

Weight: 11.9 pounds (75%)
Height: 24 in (95%)
Head Circumference: 15.5 in (75%)

The doctor said she looks perfect and even told me that I could start putting her to bed earlier and just waking her for her nighttime feeding! This is exciting news because it means we can all be sleeping all night long now (except for one 11:00 feeding)! E got her shots today and did awesome! She cried while they were giving them, but stopped immediately after. She really liked the Rotovirus medicine that she had to even made her smile. She is a little cranky now, but who wouldn't be after being stuck 3 times! What a brave girl. Since she can't have any treats yet, I got 2 for myself : ).

Sorry there aren't any pictures. I will (hopefully) get some posted once I download them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2 Months

For E's 2 month birthday we got her all gussied up and went to visit Daddy at work and then took a quick trip to Costco with grandpa.
*Make sure to note her sweet shoes that Grandma K gave to her in the hospital when she was born. So cute!

*The illusive smile!

*A collage of some of her cutest moments this last month.

I can't believe my baby is 2 months old!!! Time really flies! I was just thinking about how 10 months ago our lives changed forever when I found out I was pregnant. The dreams and imaginings that I had over the following 8 months cannot compare to the love and joy I feel having E in our home. I love this girl wholly and completely! My heart is no longer belongs now to Steve and E.

This month this sweet girl learned to laugh and smile. We can tell now when it's gas and when she really thinks we are being silly. There is nothing like having an infant smile at you...that's when you feel really funny! Our other other favorite trick she learned this month was to sleep through the night! That started happening about a week and a half ago. It is awesome!

Going back to work has been one of the hardest transitions I have ever had to make in my life. I have been so grateful for the help we have received from my mom and my in-laws. They have come into our home and taken care of my baby just as I would. Steve has been lucky enough to stay home with her on his off weeks. I couldn't ask for any better baby sitters!!!