Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Young for Makeup

This is the face of a child caught doing something naughty. Let's just say that she hasn't opened my makeup since. (Actually, I scolded her a little and put her in time out, I think she was most embarrassed that she was caught!)

Circus Parade

 At the end of September the CIRCUS came to Salt Lake. Being the super fun (aka CHEAP) mom that I am, we did not get tickets to the actual circus, but instead headed down to the Gateway for the free, fun parade. Little Miss was so excited! We waited for about an hour to stake out some great seats right in the front row and had a blast.
 The Police department was there to keep the peace between the animal rights people and the soccer moms. Since they weren't too occupied with that job they passed out clown noses, signs, and stickers. We had lots of fun with our nose. E didn't ever really want to wear it, but loved when I did. I felt super cool, by the way.
 Blowing kisses to the pretty ladies on the horses.
 Screaming NEIGH to all of the horses. We had the police woman standing by us laughing pretty hard.
 So excited about the fun parade. It helped that the elephants were THISCLOSE:
This picture was taken with me leaning back in my seat so I could actually get the elephants in. They were so close. At first E was freaked out, but it took about .5 seconds for her to get over it and want to go ride them!

This was such a fun day! I hope I remember to do it again next year!