Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another House Post

I realize that the only things I have been posting about are my house and baby (if you have reader and can't see it, I did post about Miss E again today :) ). But I guess that's what happens when those are the only things on my mind right now. Thanks for not chastising me! :)

Here are the beginnings of our kitchen cabinets. From the left: pantry, fridge space, cabinets, laundry room.

The babe and I being extra helpful while Steve was trying to figure out the laminate.

The beginnings of our laminate flooring. Wish us luck this week in installing the rest!

Master bath and shower. They will be installing the glass for the shower next week.

Kitchen before cabinets. I am loving the huge pantry!

From left: understairs closet, hall from entry, coat closet, art niche, to the right of the art niche is the master bedroom.

Entry way

And here's the front of the house! Hopefully tomorrow (realistically next week) I will post some pictures of the finished cabinetry as well as the rock on the front of the house!

Fall Photo Shoot

Today my pretty girl and I went out for a drive and, since I dressed her so cute and, since the day was so pretty, we decided to take some pictures. I found this beautiful place out in West Weber that was so perfect for fall pictures.

She was looking so sweet and thoughtful...really what she was thinking was something along the lines of: How can I get this stick and that leaf into my mouth without mom stopping me?

Check out the massive teeth! I love them!

This girl was so happy to be out playing in the grass, leaves, and dirt!

Monday, October 5, 2009

House Update

Family room/kitchen area

Storage room upstairs

Back side of house (l to r: sliding glass door from kitchen, fam. room window, master bed. window)

Here's the front of our cute little house!

Things are moving along quickly, which we are very grateful for! I am so looking forward to getting in to our new house for the holidays. Little Miss is looking forward to baths in my new big tub : )!

8 Months!

Wow, how time flies!!! I can't believe Little Miss is 8 months already. I have been horrible at taking pictures of her this month, but you had better believe that she has not stopped growing! She is so big and full of smiles. There were not tons of firsts this month, but she is the proud new owner of 4 teeth and is working on adding 2 more. Miss E also loves to play pat-a-cake and terrorize her older cousins. I'm sure they can't wait for the day that we move out so they can leave their small toys on the floor : )!

Dear Pretty Girl,
I hope you know how much your daddy and I love you. That's the reason we sprinkle your face with kisses ALL the time! You are so precious to us and bring us more joy than we could ever have imagined. You are full of fun and spunk and are always making us laugh. We are so glad you were able to join our family and we look forward to watching you grow!!!