Sunday, August 31, 2008

Final Post of the Day

Sorry this one of the kitchen is so dark!

The living room is actually much cleaner now, but you get the picture.

Here are some long awaited pictures of our cute new home. We finally did some cleaning yesterday so the bedroom was ready. Our second bedroom is still a scary mess so just picture our bedroom with only one window and one yellow wall. I also forgot a picture of the front of the condo, but I'm being told I have to finish!
This week I'll be starting week 18/month 5. How exciting! Yesterday I was very worried about not showing but I'm pretty sure I felt something moving in there at church today today. Steve shushed me in Sunday school because I was talking too much. I told him, "I have a living being inside me...I'm a little distracted." That shut him up for a few minutes, granted I think he was laughing...

This One's for You, Mom

Take a look at those nails! I did break one at church today but the others are very long. For those of you who don't know, I am a compulsive nail biter/picker. This is a huge accomplishment. I thought I'd document it with a picture because it probably won't last long!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday at school one little girl (not in my class) called me Mrs. I know what the kids really think of me...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun Day!

Steve learned how to wake surf. He did a great job (and looked good doing it!).

On Saturday following a grueling first week of school (yes, first graders can be described as grueling) Steve and I headed up to his sister's lake house in Huntsville, UT. We had a great time watching the Olympics, eating, resting, and boating. It was such a blast to spend one of our last weeks of summer with our fun family. We feel so lucky to have such a great relationship with our family and to have some of them so close by. (To those who live farther away...WE MISS YOU ALL THE TIME!!!)
Our sweet niece, Sopia, was sick and grumpy the whole trip. Luckily I got a shot of her not screaming. It was so sad!

Mason, Olivia, and Bella just being cute. Olivia had a chance to wake surf with her cool!

Blogger is having a rough time today, but our other cute niece and nephew were there. We love you Chloe and Parker!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Preggo Update

Things are still going well. The nausea, for the most part, has passed. In its place has come an undying hunger. Seriously I feel like I am starving most of the day. I guess it's got to be better than kneeling in front of the porcelain gods.
Here's a picture of me at 14 weeks. I feel like I'm growing huge, but others have told me that I don't even look pregnant yet. What do you think? I find myself standing with my belly pushed out so I can start to look like I've got something in there. (P.S. I recognize that this is a horrible picture, please forgive me!)Steve, by the way, is trying to keep up with all of my eating. By the end of this I think he wants to look like he's growing a little one, too.

A Mess, Some Flowers, and a Little Beauty

I realize that I still haven't posted pictures of our new house. Steve and I have not been very good about the "finishing touches" that would make me proud to show it off. I did decide, however, to show a picture of what our house looks like the week before I have to go back to work:
I have to apologize to Steve every couple of hours and promise him that this particular mess will be gone soon (only to be replaced by other messes to be sure!).

One more thing for those gardeners out there. I have these flowers in my backyard that we decided to keep because we were pretty certain that they are not weeds. We thought they were hollyhocks, but really have no idea! Anyway, if you have any idea what they are let me know! If they are weeds I'll be sad because now they have about a one inch diameter at the bottom and are taller than Steve.

I will end this post with some of our beautiful views of Mount Timpanogos from our back door. We feel truly blessed to live in such a gorgeous place!