Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tootsie Roll

I don't know if any of you remember the song Tootsie Roll from the 90's but it came to mind as I was about to post this little video of E rolling for the first this Tootsie roll!

There is Beauty All Around

Today was a gorgeous one in Midway! We absolutely loved it! Steve and I were able to take a walk with the baby down by the river. I love this place and I am so grateful for all of the beautiful creations Heavenly Father has given us.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I have to keep track of these first grade funnies as they happen so I don't forget...

Today I had a student come up to me holding a Barbie on a horse. She looked at me shyly and said, "My sister and I think you look just like my Barbie so she made me name her Danielle Burden."

Needless to say, that made me feel good : ).

E is doing great! She's getting huge and sharing smiles freely. She even rolled over officially last Friday! We are loving the girl and eating up her sweetness!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Months Old!

My Little Miss E is 3 months old!!! Actually she was 3 months yesterday, but we had a long and exhausting day so I didn't get a chance to post. She is growing up so fast: she's becoming a big girl right before my eyes. Today we had the chance to do a little photo shoot. (Note: her shirt says "Cute, adorable cowgirl in charge." I love it!)

Then we went on a walk to the park with the cousins. It was a blast! We are loving the nice weather.

E ended the day very exhausted. She fell asleep in her seat while Steve and I rearranged our furniture. We got a new entertainment center's a little more child proof than our previous set up.

***3 Month Highlights***
-Smiling much more regularly
-She has the ability to sleep through the night (doesn't mean it always happens!)
-She is getting stronger by the day!
-When laying on her tummy, E can lift her head all the way up and look around.
-She is getting a taste for all kinds of things (Steve likes to give her "tastes" of things): sweet and sour sauce, spaghetti sauce, barbeque, ranch dressing, fudgesicle, fruit popsicle...yum yum!
-The Bumbo gives her a new sense of freedom
-She still loves to snuggle rather than be set down for naps
-Steve and I are loving her more and more every day! I cry sometimes because she is growing up so fast, and yet I love the changes that come with each new day. I love this girl more than I ever knew possible and I still firmly believe she is an angel sent specifically for me. I have been blessed!

(PS: I really do plan on sending out announcements! Life back at work has made me put a few things on hold, but they are still on my mind! If you are interested, we are going to be blessing her on the first Sunday in June...just let me know if you need directions.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


E is sleeping more at night now, but still wakes up at least one time in the middle of the night to eat. Then she wants to eat all morning it seems! I have come to grips with this since I am still working and I feel like she needs all the mommy time she can get! But I am exhausted! Today Steve had to work, just as he does every other Sunday, but unlike the past, I did not have any help today. E and I weathered church on our own. I. Am. Tired.
E was a pill today. My first mistake was trying to take the diaper bag, my Young Womens bag, purse, and car seat all by myself. I looked like a crazy pack mule. She got the hiccups in Sacrament meeting and freaked out. Every time she would calm down and I would try to go back in the chapel she would freak again. This went on until the closing song when she finally let me back in. Then she slept until the last 5 minutes of Sunday school...when she freaked out again. Then, during Young Womens she had a major melt down when one of the girls tried to hold her. I took her out to feed her, came back in, and had to bounce her the whole rest of the class.
Now we are home and I did something I swore I would NEVER do while she is an infant...I turned on a Baby Einsteins movie and stuck her in front of it. I am zoning out while she whines. I am sleepy! I think I will bow down to the next single mom I see at church with her children...they are amazing!

***PS: Thanks for letting me vent. Tomorrow I should post on a much happier subject...E is three months old!***