Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Have Been Changed for Good

Steve and I had the awesome opportunity of graduating this weekend. I was so impressed with the speakers. One woman said of the students I am going to teach: love them, feed them, and change them, in whatever order is most appropriate at the time. Elder L. Tom Perry, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was there. He spoke of a teacher who changed his son's life. All it took was "one teacher, one class." It was awesome to shake his hand and look in his eyes and know that he is an apostle of God.

Thank you to all who have helped Steve and I over the years. We/I appreciate it more than you will ever know! I know that I have been changed for good by those who I have come in contact with these last few years. I love my family and in-laws. Where would we be without you? Thanks for your examples and support, thank you for all the advice and love! You are the best!!!

And now it is about the time when Steve and I have to admit to ourselves that we are adults. How do we do that? I am still not sure...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

CA Here We Come...

well...kind of! Steve and I are planning a trip to California for this summer. This is my reward for getting a 4.o this last year (thankfully! considering it was a pass/fail year). We are planning a big trip, kind of a last hurrah before "real life" begins in the next few years (more school, work, kids, etc.) We know we want to hit Carmel/Monterey as this is where Steve's ancestors are from. We are then going to head down to Anaheim and San Diego for, you guessed it, all of the history. Just kidding, we are really excited to go to DisneyLand, Sea World and the like.

Our only problem is that we are not sure where to stay in Carmel. We would like to camp maybe one or two days to save some money, but I'm not sure how to find good campgrounds in the area. If you have any hints, let us know! We are also looking for any travel tips, as this will be the longest road trip we have taken in a while.

Finally, if anyone wants to go, we'd love to have some travel buddies! This would be great for gas splitting and/or sharing a room a couple of nights to cut back on costs. We think we are going to get the So. Cal City Pass from Costco. It's about $220 bucks for 6 days of fun! We realize this is a long trip, but we'd love to have friends even if it's only for one leg of the trip.

Yay for our last summer of willy nilly freedom!!!