Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Family Day

Steve's schedule has been really crazy lately. He is still working 7 days on, 7 off. The 7 on are 10 hour shifts, and he is now on the evening/night shift. On top of that, he is in school. On his on weeks, we don't see him much. We have been doing our best to maximize the time we do have with him! We have been spending a lot of time playing in Salt Lake the last few weeks. 

On the 20th we decided to do something fun for Miss E. We headed down really early so Steve could go to his morning class. While he was at class the girls and I went to Whole Foods...I SO wish we had one of these in Ogden!!! After his class got out, we went to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway.
 E loved it! She was totally in her element. E loves things that are just her size and this place did not disappoint. Her favorite things were the play house, the grocery store, and the water table.
 Sis had a great time, obviously! She spent most of her time sleeping in her seat and eating in a quiet corner.
 Holy play food! Miss E was going ballistic in here. She was cracking us up making all kinds of "sandwich" concoctions: ketchup, mustard, eggs, fish, and chocolate syrup.
 This was the funniest thing. Steve would build wooden houses on this platform, then E would turn on the platform which simulated an earthquake. She would scream and scream!!!

 After the museum we ate lunch at the food court and then rode TRAX to Temple Square. Miss E loves trains so that was probably a highlight of her day.

This was such a great day and I really hope that these are the times Miss E and Sis will remember, rather than daddy being gone so much!!! We love these girls so much and want them to have all of the great opportunities and memories we can give them!

1 Month

I feel like we went to the doctor when Miss E was one month, but Little Sis went at 2 days and 2 weeks, but we don't have to go again until 2 months. So, no stats this month, we just know that she has gotten SO big! We have had a great month with this sweet girl. I really feel like she is the perfect addition to our family!
First bath-August 26: She looks content in this picture, but she really did not love it!!!
September 2-2 Week doctor appointment: She did really well...much better than big sister ever did at the doctor!

Sept. 4-Family picture attempt at the Teeples. Considering we had tried several, this was sadly the best one.

Sept. 8-Snuggling with Grandpa K in Boise. Little Sister was wiped out because she had just projectile vomited everywhere and scared everyone.

September 11-I have the most beautiful sleeping children!!! I love how she sleeps with her hands up by her face.

September 20-1 month old! This picture pretty much sums up the relationship...Miss E being rough and crazy and Little Sis trying to get away.

Such a pretty girl!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

She Has Arrived!

Sweet little sister joined our family on August 20. We were all very glad that she decided to make her debut a week before her due date!
Birth Stats:
7:01 am
7 lb 7 oz
20 inches long
Our first family photo as a family of 4...very telling. Little sister sleeping peacefully, Miss E and dad being goofy, and mom trying to look calm while whispering threats through her teeth!!! :) Just kidding, we are totally loving our new addition and are actually adjusting pretty well.
This little girl is an absolute angel! Heavenly Father knew what I needed when He sent her to our family. I am pretty sure that if I had another just like E, I may consider stopping at two children. This baby is so precious! She is a great sleeper (for the most part) and is quite content most of the time.
I cannot express how grateful I feel for the family I have been blessed with! I am completely smitten with my two beautiful daughters and I couldn't ask for a better husband to raise them with. While life is certainly not perfect (I'll save that for another post!) I wouldn't trade it for anything.