Friday, September 23, 2011

1 Month

I feel like we went to the doctor when Miss E was one month, but Little Sis went at 2 days and 2 weeks, but we don't have to go again until 2 months. So, no stats this month, we just know that she has gotten SO big! We have had a great month with this sweet girl. I really feel like she is the perfect addition to our family!
First bath-August 26: She looks content in this picture, but she really did not love it!!!
September 2-2 Week doctor appointment: She did really well...much better than big sister ever did at the doctor!

Sept. 4-Family picture attempt at the Teeples. Considering we had tried several, this was sadly the best one.

Sept. 8-Snuggling with Grandpa K in Boise. Little Sister was wiped out because she had just projectile vomited everywhere and scared everyone.

September 11-I have the most beautiful sleeping children!!! I love how she sleeps with her hands up by her face.

September 20-1 month old! This picture pretty much sums up the relationship...Miss E being rough and crazy and Little Sis trying to get away.

Such a pretty girl!!!

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