Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Visiting the Y

January 21, 2013
After dropping Steve's parents off at the MTC Steve and I wanted to take the girls to BYU. We knew Miss E would love the bookstore and we really wanted to show them around campus. Unfortunately we forgot that it was Martin Luther King day so the bookstore was closed. It also happened to be well below freezing so it was much too uncomfortable to take a leisurely stroll outside. Instead, we decided to do what we do best...EAT. Luckily the Creamery was open so we got some yummy burgers, fries, and ice cream.
On our way home we stopped at the outlets at Traverse Mountain in Lehi. Again, it was way too cold to be outside, so we quickly ran in to a few stores that had things we needed and then ran back to the car, faces freezing! It was a fun day but it left us wanting to go back on a day when it is a bit warmer.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missionary Grandparents

January 21, 2013

Steve's parents have been talking about going on a mission for the LDS church for the last year or so. Last summer they let us know that they were making official plans to go. In the fall they received their call to Baumholder Germany. While we are sad to say goodbye to them for the next 18 months, we are so excited to hear of their adventures!

On January 21 we had the opportunity to take them to the Missionary Training Center in Provo. I had only ever quickly been into the main entrance of the MTC so it was fun to spend a few minutes in there and then to drop them off at their building.
 Grandpa and Grandma (Jean and Gerald) checking in
 The girls had a great time being very wiggly and running around the entry

 Classic missionary picture by the map, they are headed to Germany!
 Grandpa listening to the instructions while grandma was probably kissing the baby
 Good bye hugs
 Our last look. You can't see it here, but Grandma was a little bit misty eyed (as was I!). Luckily we were able to spend one more weekend with them before they flew out.

We are so proud of them!

Yucky Sickies!

January 2, 2013
Our new year started out a bit rough. After traveling to Boise to visit family, Tiny started to feel a bit under the weather. Our second day home, she was coughing terribly and lethargic with a bit of a fever. All day long I waited and watched her all day debating if I should take her in to the doctor. Finally we decided to take her in to the after hours clinic around 5 pm. Sure enough, she was diagnosed with RSV and was sounding worse and worse with every cough. Steve and I took her up to the hospital's RSV clinic to have her nose sucked clean and her breathing treated. (Cue fabulous neighbors that watched E while we were gone this whole evening!) This illness lasted about a week, and the day after she started feeling better, she came down with a stomach bug that lasted another week. It was miserable! To add to the fun, literally the day after Tiny began to recover from her stomach bug, Miss E came down with the same bug, which thankfully only lasted a couple of days.
It was a rough couple of weeks that left us wanting for warmer weather!!! We are doing great now and are feeling so grateful for the few days of clear sunny skies we have seen recently.

Back From Blogging Sabbatical???

So, blogging has totally fallen by the wayside in my life, but I really love looking back on our lives in pictures so we shall see...