Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missionary Grandparents

January 21, 2013

Steve's parents have been talking about going on a mission for the LDS church for the last year or so. Last summer they let us know that they were making official plans to go. In the fall they received their call to Baumholder Germany. While we are sad to say goodbye to them for the next 18 months, we are so excited to hear of their adventures!

On January 21 we had the opportunity to take them to the Missionary Training Center in Provo. I had only ever quickly been into the main entrance of the MTC so it was fun to spend a few minutes in there and then to drop them off at their building.
 Grandpa and Grandma (Jean and Gerald) checking in
 The girls had a great time being very wiggly and running around the entry

 Classic missionary picture by the map, they are headed to Germany!
 Grandpa listening to the instructions while grandma was probably kissing the baby
 Good bye hugs
 Our last look. You can't see it here, but Grandma was a little bit misty eyed (as was I!). Luckily we were able to spend one more weekend with them before they flew out.

We are so proud of them!

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Sandy said...

Hello, you don't know us. I happened on your blog by chance when I was searching for "Baumholder LDS"
My wife, our 3 kids and I are LDS and in the military and will be moving to Baumholder Germany this summer. We would love to get in touch with your in-laws as it seems we will be living close to them for the next 1 year+. You can email me (Troy) at or my wife Sandy at Hope to hear from you.