Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just wanted to thank people who commented that my hair wasn't so bad. : ) My bangs are growing out so now I probably look 14 rather than 10! 2 more weeks to go and the official count down has begun. I now pray daily that she will come TODAY! I am ready to have her out and here!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on Miss Burden is Missing

My plan to create a kinder, sweeter, more respectful class by leaving them with a scary lady unfortunately did not work. When I went back to school on Thursday they were just as naughty as ever! Looks like I'm going to have to bring out the "bad witch" more often.

The "bad witch" philosophy is one that I read about in The Nanny Diaries. She claims that you need to be the good witch the majority of the time: kind, sweet, and cheerful. But when your charge (in my case, my class) gets naughty you turn into the bad witch. Very quietly (but with a very scary voice), and at their level scold them and inform them of what is going to happen to them if they do not stop. Then you stand up and act like nothing has just happened. I've done this with individuals in my class and it works like a charm, now it's time for a whole class intervention!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss Burden is Missing

In elementary school (and still today) one of my most favorite books was Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard and illustrated by James Marshall (a personal favorite!). In the book a very sweet teacher named Miss Nelson is being taken advantage of by her horrible class. One day Miss Nelson doesn't come to school, in her place comes Viola Swamp, an evil, mean, ugly woman. The class finally shapes up and at the end of the book Miss Nelson comes back and they appreciate her while the reader discovers that Viola Swamp was really Miss Nelson in disguise.
The last few days I have been feeling like Miss Nelson. My class has been naughty and rude and I haven't known what to do with them. I follow through with my consequences, I praise positive behaviors, etc. Despite all of this, they have been somewhat wretched. Today I am hoping they had a bit of a Miss Nelson/Viola Swamp experience.
I knew I had to be at a workshop all day today so I requested for a substitute last week. When I looked at the name I was excited because it was someone I know to be a great sub: very sweet, follows through with the plans I leave, makes my class feel great. I let them know how lucky they were to be having this sweet woman.
This morning I was in my room before school getting a few things ready before heading for the workshop when in walks this mean, nasty looking woman. I came to find out that she has the same last name as the sub I thought she was and her name is Connie while the other lady's name is Bonnie. Whoops! She was somewhat brash and rude to me as I was explaining some things in my plans...I am kind of excited to go back tomorrow and see if my class appreciates me a little bit more. If not, I may have to pull the real Viola Swamp out of my closet!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

4 Weeks to Go!

Let's start this post by looking back at me at six weeks...notice how hard I am trying to push my belly out. Look at that cute, skinny little face and the normal hair.

Fast forward a few months and you get trying really hard to suck in my belly and straighten my back. I've started "filling out" in the face and my hair is insane (story to come). It must mean that my "baby is getting huge!" as one of my students told me on Friday. I know the dress is also a little unflattering but at this point I am going for comfort entirely! Hopefully the next time I want a picture taken Steve will not be at work so he can do it for me! The self timer thing is really frustrating!

I have really had a fairly easy pregnancy, not much to complain about. My hormone levels and emotional state have been pretty even keeled. But this week I was allowed my one moment of "temporary pregnancy insanity" (as coined by Steve). My sister, Michelle, cut my hair last week and also cut some long bangs. On Monday night I looked in the mirror and decided I wanted shorter bangs so I cut (more like hacked) them. My sister found out and asked my mom, "Who gave her scissors?" I tried to justify it by saying that everyone tries to cut their own hair at some point. My mom said, "Yeah, you just decided to wait until you were 23." Now I look like a 10 year old pregnant girl and this is how I get to look for all of the pictures that are to come in the next month. I'm hoping they grow out enough to at least make me look 15 or 16...

What (if any) insane pregnant moments did you have?