Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on Miss Burden is Missing

My plan to create a kinder, sweeter, more respectful class by leaving them with a scary lady unfortunately did not work. When I went back to school on Thursday they were just as naughty as ever! Looks like I'm going to have to bring out the "bad witch" more often.

The "bad witch" philosophy is one that I read about in The Nanny Diaries. She claims that you need to be the good witch the majority of the time: kind, sweet, and cheerful. But when your charge (in my case, my class) gets naughty you turn into the bad witch. Very quietly (but with a very scary voice), and at their level scold them and inform them of what is going to happen to them if they do not stop. Then you stand up and act like nothing has just happened. I've done this with individuals in my class and it works like a charm, now it's time for a whole class intervention!


Dianne and Sean said...

Too bad "scary sub" didn't work. Good luck!


Mark and Jill Smallwood said...

hum... I like this idea!!!