Sunday, August 31, 2008

Final Post of the Day

Sorry this one of the kitchen is so dark!

The living room is actually much cleaner now, but you get the picture.

Here are some long awaited pictures of our cute new home. We finally did some cleaning yesterday so the bedroom was ready. Our second bedroom is still a scary mess so just picture our bedroom with only one window and one yellow wall. I also forgot a picture of the front of the condo, but I'm being told I have to finish!


Sara said...

Hey girl! We were up in Midway from Friday to Saturday for Swiss Days and totally thought of you guys. I don't think we have either of your numbers so we were hoping to run into you. It was so fun! We love Midway and hope you are loving it too. Are you living in those cute condos that you showed us when we went to Midway together? I like your couch - do you like having a sectional? Do you like the side without the arm or back? We are looking into buying a couch that is so comfortable that is the same style but there wouldn't be room for end tables or anything. Is comfort over looks better? I can't decide! It's much more couch than two separate couches - does it make the room look smaller? I'd love to know what you think because I can't decide!!!!!

WeTheTeeples said...

Your house looks so cute. I need to come see it in person. (If you didn't live so far away). :)