Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

We had such a fun Spring Break! We went to Boise and rested and played. I love going home and relaxing with my family. We had a blast going out to lunch and watching movies. Steve even got to go golfing a few times. The weekend was crazy fun. My cousin and her two cuties as well as my aunt and uncle and their family got to my parents' house on Thursday. We made cake pops as seen on the Bakerella blog and hunted for eggs. My cousin's son was very excited to make popcorn in the air popper...We loved listening to him scream, "Take it off! Take it all the way off!" to my mom. He was a little disappointed when the popcorn didn't pop all over the kitchen. We finished the week with a nice Easter dinner at Steve's sister's home. What a great week! It was very hard to come back to reality on Monday. (I am sorry the quality of the picture is so bad! I'm not sure what is up with blogger today!)

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BowsAndSuch said...

I knew you'd have some cute pics!! So cute, Dani!!! Looks like everyone had a blast...love E's hair bow and headband!! It totally matches her cute little outfit!!