Thursday, April 23, 2009

More 1st Grade Funnies

I had to write a couple more silly things down so I don't forget when I'm done this year!

Yesterday I was talking with my class about the sound made by the double o. Usually it makes a oooo sound but sometimes it's irregular. As I was writing the irregular words up on the board the kids were trying to guess what I was going to write. The first word I wrote was "cook," which they guessed right. The second was "good," again a right answer. The third word I got "boo" written and from the back of the class I hear "BOOB!" Incorrect...the word was supposed to be book. Sadly I had to face the board for a few seconds so I could get my laughter in control before turning back around.

Today our whole first grade was practicing our songs for our program. One of the songs talks about families and the things families do for one another. The teacher leading the song wanted the kids to remember the rhyming words so she iterated the first line for them, "They help us, smile, and cheer; We share a laugh a...." When out of the middle of the group we hear, "A Beer!" She ignored him the first time while still trying to get the right answer out when he yelled out again, "We could share a beer!" The teacher said, "No, we do not do drugs or use alcohol; beer is alcohol. We cannot share a beer." She was very mature and moved on, but the other three teachers in the room had a good giggle.


BowsAndSuch said...

LOL! You have some good stories, Dani!! Me and Matt were laughing pretty good at them! Kids are too funny.

Katie said...

So great to see this beautiful baby Danielle! Congratulations! You are weathering motherhood very well and I know your adventures with your "little E" will be amazing and wonderful!!!