Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day

Today E and I had a wonderful Mommy Daughter day! We started out the day by sleeping in. I decided I would sleep as long as she would let me and, after a few feedings, we were able to sleep until 11! I felt like a college freshman again! Steve was working and my father-in-law (the saint who has been here to baby sit for the last month) was in Salt Lake for the day so E and I stayed in our jammies for another hour or so. E then let me clean for a couple of hours. We rewarded ourselves by going out to lunch at a local pizza cafe and taking a drive through town. I came back to clean some more and found that the bulbs I planted in the fall finally bloomed!As I started dinner E was able to work on a little tummy time...she didn't scream for once! After dinner we sat down to work on making E's baby announcement, which she obviously found boring... It was an awesome day and I look forward to summer when we can spend every day together!


Key Fam said...

I love the new pics of her and you. Her litle face is changing! :) She looks like Steve (sorry Dani!) And you looks absolutely amazing!

Jessica and Ryan said...

How fun to see new pics! She looks just like her daddy! Love your hair :)

Parker said...

Emma's cute. Can't tell if she looks more burden or danielle's side. Jess is coming to UT this week, wish i could come too.