Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miss E-ims

This girl cracks me up daily. Unfortunately I am not the best at recording all of the hilarious things she says. Here are a couple of her latest funnies:
*Said out of the blue: "I love pigs because they are much pinker and roll in mud."
*While snuggling with me on the couch: "Mom, I like your face because it is cute and awesome."
*She is obsessed with the idea of getting married to her little friend that lives in our neighborhood. She is always talking about when she gets married and how she will get flowers and wear a white dress and veil and her groom-to-be will wear a suit and tie. She knows that she will need some flowers and then they can kiss on the lips. The crazy thing is that I do not ever talk about it, I don't bring it up or ask her questions about it. She initiates this discussion almost daily and has it all worked out. She has even got him talking about it and he has a tiger ring picked out for her from his play room. Yikes!!!

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