Sunday, September 23, 2012


August 27, 2012

The day has finally come! My big girl is a preschooler. She couldn't wait for this day to come (not gonna lie, I couldn't wait either!). Miss E is loving her class and especially her teachers. For such a spitfire, she certainly gets nervous in new situations, but her teachers are quick to swoop her up, give her a love, and move on...perfect for her. She is in class twice a week for two hours. The first day she was so nervous, but as soon as she got in the car after class she didn't even take a breath when telling me what she did: " We played with toys, we colored a picture, we sang a song like this "Alice the camel has 5 humps," we had a snack..." and on and on!

 She looks so grown up!
 I think she was more excited to finally wear her school clothes than anything else.
 She could hardly contain herself to take serious pictures, finally mom relented so Miss E could be her silly self.
It was so sunny! 1st day pictures with Mrs. Ellis and Miss Dixie, we love them already!

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Sandra said...

Yea for Miss E and YOU!!!