Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Little Lady Had A Birthday

On Sunday, September 2 we celebrated Sweet Pea's first birthday. Since she is our little lady we made it a ladybug party. It was a pretty family dinner party, but we loved it! We were so lucky to have Grandma K, Auntie Shell and Uncle Andy, Auntie Kels, Aunt Cindy, Grandma Ro, and Grandpa and Grandma Great. Sadly we were missing Grandpa K and Uncle Matt!

Here was our little birthday photo shoot her her full ladybug getup:

 We had "Ladybug Haystacks" for dinner with a "Garden of Toppings"
 "Ladybug Greens" and Raspberry Pretzel Jello
 I love these pictures of Grandpa Great reading to Miss E. I love that this little girl shares a love of reading with Grandpa!

 From left to right: Andy, Cindy, Evie, Grandma Great, Grandma Ro, Grandma K
And here are Auntie Shell and Auntie Kels with Tiny
Steve was there, too. This awesome pic is courtesy of Miss E, the budding photographer.
Oh how I love this sweet little girl!

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Jessie said...

What cute birthday party ideas! :) I think she looks like you, Danielle!