Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions. They are really hard for me to stick with. I have been thinking a lot about why this is so and have come to the conclusion that January is a horrible time to start something new unless it is specifically related to the cold, grey, dismal weather. It is disheartening enough when I don’t have the will power to change habits cold turkey or to start a new lofty goal; I really don’t need the weather to remind me that life is hard sometimes. I think we should make resolutions in June. The weather from that point into the next couple of months is awesome. The sun rises everyday to bright, beautiful blue skies.
Regardless, this is still the time of year where it is customary to commit to ourselves to be better, and I have jumped on board (again) this year. I have heard that one is much more likely to complete a goal or more soundly change their habits if they publicly announce them. Then there is a sense of accountability. Others know about it, so it must be done to save face…or something like that. So here it goes: my resolution for this year (yes, I have only one) is to JUST DO IT [NOW]. Cliché? Yes. Overused? Probably. But is it applicable to my life? Oh yes!
I find myself saying too many times in the day: “I should probably…,” “It would be fun to…,” and the ever infamous “I’ll do it later.” I am tired of never getting things done, and especially tired of never starting things that I want to or should do. Some examples:
*Calling someone that I feel I need to call.
*Taking the pair of socks by my bed to the hamper…NOW.
*Having that cup of hot chocolate in the middle of the day.
*Buying paint and decorations for the baby’s room.
*Going for a walk in the snow with my family.
*Blogging when something fun comes to mind (this is way more for me than you…it’s so fun to look back!).
*Organizing my craft stuff, sooner rather than later!
*Reading my scriptures, writing in my journal, etc.

And the list goes on, and on, and on. This year I resolve to not let my life pass me by because I am too lazy or scared to stop it and enjoy it! Hopefully, by telling you, I will be held more accountable than I have been in all of my past (Failed) attempts at resolutions. So whether you have just one, or many things to resolve this new year, good luck to you!

***END NOTE: Since this post was written on the 31st and I didn't have internet until today, I feel that I must update on my progress to this point. I have since painted my baby's room, started organizing my own room, called and had family over for dinner last night (just for fun), and tried new recipes. I think I can say that I have had the 3 most successful days of a resolution that I have had in my entire life. To borrow a line from the disney channel...Yay Me! Now let's hope that I can keep this up!***


Sandra said...

Yay you!!! Keep it up!
Love you.

Dianne said...

Go Danielle! Funny thing is I made basically the same resolution in different words last night while I was tossing and turning thinking of all the things left unfinished from last year. You are off to a good start!