Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She's 11 Months!

I cannot believe how time flies! In one more month my babe will be 1. She is getting more and more animated and fun every day. I have more love for this girl than my heart ever thought possible. We had a fun month with Little Miss celebrating her first Christmas (sorry I don't have many pictures) and New Years (no pics at all because she and daddy were in bed by 10). Sadly E also was truly sick for the first time, with a fever of 102.9. We never really figured out what was wrong (no ear infection) but it was a sad few days.

11 Month Highlights:
*8 total teeth
*pulls to a stand and then lets go, trying to do it on her own
*drinks from a sippy all on her own
*eats pretty much everything that is put in front of her (most days)
*Favorite tricks: "Where is your tongue?" "Where is your fat belly?"
*shakes her head "no" (she's still trying to figure out what it means, but knows it gets a reaction)
*dances to basically all music, including hymns at church (dancing=bobbing her head, shrugging her shoulders, belly thrusting)
*points to things with her pointer finger
*she has started to warm up to people, specifically grandparents, making for some very happy grandmas and grandpas
*laughing and clapping when everyone else is doing it
*lots of hand movement and activity
*she is very inquisitive, E can never let a box go unopened or a full box full...its contents will generally be strewn all over the floor in only a few seconds
*one of our personal favorites: she loves to hold things in her mouth and then flap her hands around as if to say "Look mom! No hands!"


Sandra said...

Thanks! I needed a fix!
love you! See you in a couple of weeks.

Courtney said...

I love the description of her dancing! Kylee just bounces her legs and bum. You need to capture that on video!

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Kartchner Kids said...

I can't that little one is almost a year old! Time really does seem to fly by!