Wednesday, January 13, 2010


(Thanks to my sister Michelle for the idea. Check out her blog here.)
Growing up I was often asked to speak or write about my heroes. I always had a hard time explaining myself when I would choose my parents or grandparents, but I knew they were my heroes. As an adult, I still consider those people to be at the top of my list, but now I have someone else to add: Dr. Geoff Williams.
Dr. Williams has committed and dedicated his life to the betterment of others. He spends his days traveling around the world using his skills as a plastic surgeon to give new life to children in 3rd world countries who were born with cleft lips and palates. He also takes time to train doctors and nurses there to do some of the work on their own, so the magic can continue after he has gone. His work is completely non profit, which means he takes none of the money for himself. All money donated to his organization, the International Children's Surgical Foundation, or ICSF.
Right now Dr. Williams and a team are in Kabankalan, Philippines. Joining his team on this mission are my beautiful parents, my heroes. This is my dad's 4th or 5th mission with Geoff as an associate doctor, and my brave momma's first trip as part of the support team. The idea of Dr. Williams' missions brings tears to my eyes. I urge you to check out the ICSF website here. In a world obsessed with beauty, Dr. Williams provides the greatest kind of true beauty, CHARITY and LOVE.


Sandra said...

thanks! I Love you!

WeTheTeeples said...

I am offended that you didn't include me as one of your heroes.

Just kidding. I agree your parents are great and Dr. Williams is a pretty awesome guy to do what he does.