Sunday, February 24, 2008


I figured I would write a real post this time to update everyone on the neverending saga that is my life. (haha...that made it sound interesting) So, as many of you know, Steve interviewed at two dental schools at the end of last year. Both interviews went seemingly well, but he did end up getting a rejection from one of the schools. We still have not yet heard from the University of Washington, or any of the other schools that he applied to. I am getting very impatient with this whole business, but better half...seems to be taking it all in stride. I really just want to know what's going to happen so we can plan our lives. At this point we are fairly sure that we are going to be moving to Salt Lake in May to live with Steve's sister. We will house sit for them all summer and then....that's where the story ends! If Steve doesn't get in he will most likely work through the fall and possibly winter and then reapply to dental school and try applying for grad schools. This would put us back at square one, which is where we are right now. If anyone has any good advice about how to not get too discouraged...please let me know!!!
I am still teaching in Heber and really enjoying it. I don't say loving it because it really is a struggle for me. I am learning how to deal with so many women and children all in one building. I think I would do better if it were just me and the children, but the women cause much trouble and controversy! I am amazed at how much drama middle-aged women can stir up at any given moment. Sometimes I feel like I am back in high school (not a place I would like to be). Due to all of the unknowns listed above I am debating whether or not I should reapply for a job in the same district next year. If I did work there, we would consider living there and letting Steve try out commuting for awhile.
There is a silver lining, however. GRADUATION is swiftly approaching! Steve and I will both be graduating on Friday, April 25, just 2 short months away. I am so excited to call myself a college graduate and to say good riddance to my undergraduate years! I am proud that Steve and I made it this far, after both of us swearing we were going to quit several times.
Through all of this craziness though, I am so glad to say that I have been going through all of this with (and because of) Steve. I love him so much and am so lucky to have found someone so amazing! Steve is my best friend and biggest support. I apologize to him daily for all that I put him through, but he just smiles. He really has been the best thing to ever come in to my life and I love him so much!
Thanks to all of our friends and family who get to hear this story at least weekly, if not daily. I really appreciate the listening ears!!!


Annie said...

Oh, Danielle. I can't tell you how much I know how it feels to be in your position for waiting to get into dental school. Matt and I know that boat all too well, in fact, we basically own the boat. The first year we applied, we didn't get in. The second year we were waitlisted at VCU and Matt was the NEXT person on the list to be accepted if a spot opened up. They even had him fly out to VA to be there for the first day of class to see if someone didn't show up (everyone did). So after that, Matt was offered a D.5 position at VCU (basically a five year dental program because it breaks your first year into two years. We decided that any program was better than no program and so we moved out to Virginia and Matt started dental school, albeit a five year program rather than a four. We love VCU but by the point that all of this had happened we had already applied again, just to be safe in case nothing worked out. So, low and behold, the third application cycle Matt got accepted to UOP. So, we're moving back across the country again this summer. Its been quite the roller coaster. Moral of the story: Heavenly Father will bless you on his timetable and although I hope you will still get in this year, if you don't, just keep applying. :)

Musical Moreys said...

We are in the exact same boat right now! Eli has had an interview at Wisconsin for medical school and got a rejection there. He has an interview in Vermont in a couple weeks and I am keeping my fingers crossed for that one. Other than that, we've just got rejections or haven't heard anything. So back-up plans are where it's at right now! If he doesn't get in this year, he'll get a Masters in Public Health. He applied to about 5 different schools, even BYU (though I don't want to go back to Provo!). If that doesn't work this year as well, he'll keep working at the same job he has right now as a research assistant at a medical center in Denver. It doesn't pay super well but at least we get benefits! We'll have to move out of the basement and find our own place so that we can move on with our lives! And since we hope we'll be moving in the fall, schools didn't want me as a normal classroom teacher for just this semester. I had a job and the principal vouched for me but the other teachers wanted someone more long term. BUMMER!!! So I am now teaching kindergarten for 10 weeks in a classroom that isn't mine, and will have to sub in different classrooms every day after that. Like you, I am getting frustrated and nervous and anxious through all of this and Eli isn't, just like Steve isn't!!! I think it's because we as wives have NO control over what happens but whatever does happen effects our lives big time. It's like all decisions are put on hold! It's quite a rollercoaster and we are riding together Danielle! And it makes it hard for me when I know that Eli would make a great medical student and I wish that the schools could just see that. LDS applicants have done a lot that should get them accepted to medical or dental school. Anyways, there's my venting. It's nice to tell someone who really does understand! GOOD LUCK!!! Keep us posted on what happens! P.S. I just saw that you tagged me...I can't do it tonight but I will later! Tell Steve that Eli says hi!