Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Sick!

So if you know me very well you know that I have phobia of throwing up. It freaks me out. I also wonder how I am going to be a parent because I cannot handle other people throwing up either. I used to say that I was a "sympathy puker" but Steve corrected me because I don't actually throw up when I see others do it (I'm too afraid). Instead I get sympathy sick. So anyway, Steve and I had had this conversation on Sunday due to thin walls in our apartment.

Early Monday morning I had a student who said she wasn't feeling very well (a common complaint of a 7 year old in order to get out of class/get special attention), so I told her if she needed to throw up she could leave the room without asking, which she did. I also let her call her mom and go to the office to lay down for a while. In about 15 minutes she came back to get her things because mom was on her way. As she was walking to her desk (in the midst of all other desks, mind you) she tossed her cookies. I nearly tossed mine as well. I ran over to the boy she was standing by and yanked him out of his desk (superhuman strength due to adrenaline) and sent him to the office. The poor girl just could not stop.

Here is where I am so proud of myself! I evacuated my class (so that I wouldn't lose my stomach) out into the hall, got the girl calmed down and cleaned up, and got the heck out of there! She went home right away and I took the opportunity to make a "text-to-self" connection with my class. We had just read about the same situation in the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8 on Friday. We made comparisons about how the girl in our class probably felt much like Ramona, etc. We then proceeded to hold the next hour of class in the library while our gracious principal came in and cleaned up. (The poor woman! The janitor was outside scraping the sidewalks.)

What a way to start off the week!


kevin & sandra said...

I must say I am proud. I couldn't have done it! Look at it this way, your week can only get better!

Steve and Meredith said...

I have two boys through up in my class in the last couple of weeks! About two weeks ago a boy threw up while we were at the rug in the back of the room and it was lot! My kids were all complaining but I just continued with my math lesson. Hahaha! Yea but it is not fun!