Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk or Treat

October 21, 2011

We were watching 2 of our cute nieces for the weekend of our ward trunk or treat. 
My cute girlies: Purple Cat, Wizard/Witch, Angelina Ballerina, Pink skeleton

It ended up working out great because Steve was working so that meant I had two big helpers!!! 
 The girls were so cute and had fun getting lots of treats. 

My older niece did a great job of entertaining lots of little kids while their parents finished dinner. I wish I would have gotten a picture, but she had the kids all lined up against the wall and did a Simon Says type of game along with some creative adaptations. She's a big help!

 It was such a fun night and I'm glad that I decided to brave it with four kids. It ended up being perfect!

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