Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

October 30, 2011

Before she realized that she wanted no real part in carving pumpkins. She did enjoy telling daddy to make her pumpkin "happy, not naughty."

This girl just loves to be involved in any way!

Taking a break from her dancing to smile for mom.

The real carver.
We had never carved pumpkins until last year, when I realized how unskilled I am and how awesomely skilled Steve is (seriously, he means business)! This year was no exception. E was so excited about carving the pumpkins until she realized two things: pumpkins are gross and stinky, and it takes a long time (anything more than 5 minutes). She decided it was more fun to dance around the kitchen while mom and dad did all of the work. I totally forgot to take pictures of the final product but Steve carved a happy face for E and a cool bat for himself and I carved an owl on a tree branch.

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