Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fablehaven Signing

Steve and I love the Fablehaven book series by Brandon Mull. These books are kids chapter books that are similar in genre to Harry Potter and the like. Our 8 year old niece, Smarty Pants, also loves them, so when we heard the author was going to do a huge signing party at Cottonwood High School, we knew we needed to take her. Unfortunately we knew we would have to go late because Steve had work and Smarty Pants had dance. We hoped that by getting there late the line would have somewhat subsided...not so. It was insane! Apparently you had to get there very early to get an alphabetical ticket. They then would call groups up to have their books signed based upon what letter of the alphabet they had. If you didn't have a ticket, you had to wait until after the letter Z. At 8:15 pm (keeping in mind they probably started somewhere around 7 or so) they were to the letter "D." Sadly, we knew with school and work the next day we couldn't wait to get our books signed.
Smarty Pants took the news very well and was content to have the characters sign her book and pose for pictures. We decided that for her maturity we would reward her with a big ice cream sundae. She was pleased! Now we just need to find a time when we can get Brandon Mull to sign our books elsewhere!


Dianne said...

Sounds like fun. Too bad you didn't get Brandon Mull to sign it. He has come to our school for the past 3 years for an assembly about writing and a book signing. If he comes again this year, I'll let you know.

Jessie said...

I've heard those books are awesome! Sounds like I need to read them. You guys make a great aunt and uncle.