Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy February

I had every intention of being a great blogger this year...then February came along! We have been so busy this month with the fun and not so fun but we are happy to be home and back to our regular routines. Here is a quick recap of where we've been and what we have been up to:

We were lucky enough to get to spend a week in Salt Lake babysitting our very cute (and very crazy) nieces while their mom and dad were partying it up in Florida. Sadly we dealt with 2 cases of strep throat and a sick baby. The cutie on the right was our only well child for the whole week!

The day we got home from SLC my mom and cute sister Kelsi came down for a long weekend visit and to help with Little Miss E's 1st birthday bash. Sadly, Friday E was very sick so she had to go to the doctor an hour before the party began. The doc couldn't find anything wrong besides a high fever and a nasty cough. We, being the awesome parents we are, insisted that the show must go on. Here are pics from the super fun Polka Dot party we had. (Our only regret was that we couldn't invite everyone that we had on our wish list! If only our house were a little bit bigger!)

Here is the (very sick) birthday girl snuggling up with Auntie Shell.
Here is one of our few smile pics from the evening. I think she ate maybe a crumb of her cake...sad!
Luckily we had Grandma here to snuggle her for the rest of the weekend.
Cute, sick Valentine's girl.
Playing with her sweet Aunt Bekah. We were lucky enough to have Bek come visit from Canada. She stayed with us for two nights...just long enough to get a little shopping in for her little guy who will be coming in June! We are so excited for a new nephew!!!
Finally, after two weeks of fever and coughs and three trips to the doctor, E's doc decided that her lungs looked a little gunky. He decided it was pneumonia and gave her some antibiotics. After about a day on the meds, E was back to her feisty self. We are so happy that she is smiling, playing and eating again. We missed our crazy girl!!! Here she is sharing pizza, hot dog buns, and churros with mom and dad at Costco today... I just hope I can stay caught up!!!


Ashley and Lee Taylor said...

Danielle she is adorable!! I can't believe how quick she grows. Hope life is good to you!

Jessie said...

I love all your recipes on here. Plan on me using some of these. :) hehe

Your little girl is so cute! Glad she's feeling better. The polka-dot cake looks awesome. Did you do it yourself?

Chelsey Robertson said...

What a fun party! I'm sad we missed it:( I'm glad she is feeling better too. We still need to come visit you at your new house!