Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving week was a crazy one for us. We moved into our new house (yay!) on Monday, went to Huntsville on Wednesday, ate then came back to our house on Thursday, unpacked and played with my family on Friday, went to Bancroft, ID on Saturday, then drove home on Sunday. Whew! We always have such crazy holidays, but for this time in our lives we love it!

Missy's 1st Thanksgiving...a holiday all about food...of COURSE she loved it!


I didn't take any pictures of our lunch in Bancroft or our time at the Lava Hot Springs, but here we are at the yummy pizza place late that night.

Cute sisters!

This girl was past delirium at this point.

Love the Lakemans! We missed the Keys and Jared, though!

I'm pretty sure that besides my own, the Teeples' kids are the CUTEST!

And it's a good thing Cindy and Russ saved the day with the chocolate and ice cream so that we could have our milkshakes! You'll have to look back to last year to hear that story.

This year I was also lucky enough to see a long, lost friend at the pizza restaurant! I don't have any pictures, but hopefully my mom will post at some point : ). We had a great week of fun, family, and food!!!

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WeTheTeeples said...

There is no question about it! The Teeples' kids are the cutest, next to little E, of course!