Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lessons in Self Feeding

First, get a feel for your eating utensil. A gooood feel.

Then, show mom how good of a job you did.
Make sure to cheer yourself on. This is hard work!
After making a HUGE mess, ...
...recognize that it's time for a bath. Strip down right where you are and head for the tub.
While in the tub, revel in your success. You are a big kid now.
Then, commit it all to memory because there is no way mom is going to let you do that again for a long, long time. : )


Chelsey Robertson said...

Sounds like what I do every day with Saylor! She can never seem to eat with out getting it in her hair and all over her body so I always end up putting her in the bath tub. How fun to be in your new house!

Courtney said...

Well said!! I only let Kylee try it for a little while with a spoon. I know I should let her try more often, but I hate the mess!! Great pictures. Can't wait to see your house!

ediii said...

ooo so cute:)