Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holy Crap!

***Lucky for you all I decided to forgo any pictures along with this post!***

Sorry for the subject of this post...but I feel that most parents will understand and be able to relate! Tonight Steve was holding our sweet little E when I heard him say, "Oooh, I felt that one on my leg!" (While our baby may be our princess, she doesn't make princess-like sounds or smells.) Then he said, "Oh my gosh! That's why I felt it!" Followed by him running up the stairs yelling, "I could use some help with this one!" As I followed behind him I (luckily) looked down at the tile and saw a bright splatter the color of deli mustard. As I got up the stairs I saw a cute little girl covered in poop. It was disgusting! Steve hopped in the shower while I proceeded to change a very cute little bum. When I took of the diaper E decided to finish the job and piddle in the open air. I quickly covered her up, let her finish, and then wiped her down. After a quick shower with daddy I took her out and started drying her on the towel when she decided to live up to her new nickname of Squirt...that's right...she piddled again. So now we are left with one sweet smelling little baby and a large load of stinky, stained clothes.

P.S. Any awesome tips on how to get out breastfed baby poop? Feel free to share because I haven't quite mastered the art yet!


Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

Something I cannot live without.....OXY CLEAN. The powder kind is my best friend. It works on everything. Just wet the clothes, pour some oxy clean on, let it sit and throw it in the washer. It works even on stains that have been there for a while. I just pulled out some of carters old clothes for dallin and unfortunately there was some old spit up stains....I oxy cleaned it and the stains are no more.
Love it Love it. Wow, now I know why the guy on the commercial is literally's cuz he's so excited about me :) Good Luck!!

Key Fam said...

LOL!!!! I cannot stop laughing!! That's just too funny...and so true!! Almost the same thing happened with me and Ashlyn when she was a little over a month old, but she didn't keep!! Oh the joys of newborns!!

Kartchner Kids said...