Monday, December 29, 2008

So This Is Christmas

Steve and I were so lucky to have a great Christmas...or at least I was so lucky! Sadly, this being Steve's first year at his job he was lucky enough to work the whole week of Christmas, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was hard for me to be without him and it was hard for him to be away from his family.

Last Sunday night we drove to Huntsville in Ogden Valley to Steve's sister's house on the lake. By Monday the majority of the family had come. Yes, that meant 10 adults and 8 kids all under one roof! Luckily the house is big enough for every family to have their own room. It is awesome! Sadly Steve's parents couldn't make it into town until the day after Christmas due to work as well as some health delays.

We (I) spent the week relaxing: reading, catching up on blogs, sleeping, watching movies, etc. I was also able to hang out with my sister in laws from Canada and Washington that I don't get to see very often.

On Christmas Eve night, despite a snow storm, we all packed up and headed to Snowbasin Resort for their Christmas celebration. Although there were too many people for us to eat there (the place was packed) we were able to see Santa come down the ski hill pulled by a snowmobile, meet the big guy, watch the ski light parade (so cool!), and watch a fireworks show in the snow. It was a pretty fun time!

These are some pictures of a few of the kids waiting patiently in the freezing cold to meet Santa.

Here's the big guy!
The calm before the storm on Christmas morning.

Steve was able to get off early on Christmas day and come home to spend some time with the family. I think we both had an awakening that this is our last Christmas as a "single couple" with no kids. We are enjoying our time sleeping through the night and leaving the others to watch the kids this year!


Sitton said...

Looks like you guys had a fun white Christmas! That stinks that Steven had to work! Where is he working right now?

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