Saturday, November 1, 2008

100 Days to Go!!!

I looked at my baby count down today and saw that I only have 100 days to go!!! I realize that this is still a large number but I needed a milestone of some kind so this is the one I picked...hip hip hooray! Soon I'll be in my third trimester. I can't believe how fast things have been going so far. Once I got past the yucky sickness time has flown.
I was so lucky to be able to go to the baby showers for two of my good friends. It was so fun to see the girls and catch up just a little bit. Debbie and Courtney both looked beautiful! I miss them both so much and wish I could see them more, but today was wonderful!
On my way home I rolled down all of the windows because it was hot in the car and nice outside. Of course, as my luck would have it, the back passenger window decided to crap out. It was stuck open about three inches. Steve spent a good hour and a half trying to fix it, but we found out the motor was burnt out. Luckily he was able to get the window up for the time being.
While Steve was working on the car, I decided to get rid of our nasty dead sunflowers. After ripping them all out of the ground and attempting to pull out our monster weeds I was able to finally plant some of my bulbs. I got all of my tulips planted in our rocky ground and decided that we don't really need crocuses right now! Gardening is exhausting!!!

Here are some pictures from my fun gardening experience this evening...

The "before" picture of our lovely sunflowers.

About half of my bulbs. The other half is snugly under ground.

A lovely shot of me working the ground. My belly may not be huge but it still is hard to work around! Notice my nasty dirty knees. Thanks to my sensitive pregnant skin, they broke out in a rash...nice!

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Courtney said...

Sorry about your car window! Don't you hate car troubles! I had so much fun seeing you and catching up at the shower. Thanks for making the trip. You look so great and I hope you keep feeling great!