Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Update

This blog has really taken a backseat to life since I found out I was expecting a baby in December and started feeling really nasty in January! Now that baby is due in three weeks, I guess I can update on our lives!

Memorial Day:

 Memorial Day was spent in Boise visiting my family. We were able to go up to my mom and dad's cabin and do some work there for a couple of days. On the actual holiday, the boys went golfing while mom, Kelsi, Miss E, and I went to the memorial flag display in downtown Eagle. Of course we had to enjoy the park and some shave ice afterward! Little Miss loved playing on the big park with the big kids.

 We began June with our attempts at potty training. Miss E had lots of rewards of drinks and treats. Sadly, now we're at the beginning of August and we're ready to give up. Hopefully all aspects of potty training will make sense to Missy soon, but as of right now certain things are a little difficult for her!

 Steve had a birthday! Our loving hubby and daddy turned 28. He had a fun time celebrating at his sister's house the day of his birthday. We went boating and ate lots of yummy food. We had a family party on the day after with even more yummy food. We sure love that guy!


 The Fourth of July was spent with my mom and dad and sister. We were able to go to the Plain City festivities. They put on a great parade, which E still talks about. She got a bucketful of candy so she was in heaven! Funny enough, she still talks about being in a parade: there was a childrens parade, but she hated it. She made me carry her and/or her ride on toy for the whole thing. My dad left after the parade and the rest of us went firework shopping (another fav of the Miss), we checked out North Ogden Cherry Days, Tai Pan, and got some yummy Papa Murphey's. Steve was able to get off of work early to do some fireworks with us. Sadly, thanks to the wind, we weren't really able to enjoy the first year of aerial fireworks. Regardless, E thought it was fabulous! She screamed during and after each one and always said, "That was a great one Dad!" It was a really fun day!
I loved that my mom was able to stay for the whole week while my sister was at basketball camp. We did some shopping, visited family, and relaxed a bit. It was so fun! I love having mom here and I can't wait to have her here soon when Little Sister comes!

 The week after my birthday we headed up to Boise again for a last hurrah as a family of 3. We spent the week at mom and dad's cabin and had lots of fun...for the most part. We played horseshoes, watched movies, and loved our time by the lake. Sadly there were lots of problems with the new (to us) boat, so we spent our time at the beach. Steve was totally content with that, as he is pretty much a pro sand castle builder! We were able to go to the sweet movie theater in Cascade to see Harry Potter one night. It was nice to be able to go and not have to worry about Little Miss, since she was having fun with grandpa and grandma. Near the end of the week, Miss E got pretty sick and was stuffy with a miserably high fever. We got lots of snuggles, but wished she felt better. Of course she was fine the day after we got back home! Thanks mom and dad for a great (MUCH needed) vacation!!!
On the last Friday of July, Miss E and I needed to get out of the house. Luckily Ogden has a childrens museum that is super cheap on Friday nights, so we headed over for a little date. E loved having the place basically to herself. We hit every exhibit, but her favorite is always the England house because they have a fully stocked play kitchen. After the museum, we headed to Zeppe's for some fabulous water ice, my favorite treat!!!

I have lots more pictures and we did even more than this, but Blogger and I are apparently not getting along today...or I had overloaded the picture uploader!!! Just imagine, a couple more trips to Huntsville (Steve's sister's house), lots of time in the sprinkler and "pool" at our house, popsicles, gardening, kite flying, even more yummy food, and time with friends!!! It has been a great summer and we are looking forward to filling these last few weeks!

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Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

congrats on baby #2. i can't believe how big your baby girl is getting...what a cutie. can't wait to see pics of the new babe.