Tuesday, August 31, 2010

June 2010

The second week of June, my Grandma Munro had a condo in St. George. We decided to crash her quiet weekend and visit for a few days before the rest of the family got there. My cousin Lessley and her family also joined us. We had lots of fun eating, shopping, and talking (oh, and the boys went golfing) during our quick trip. Sadly, because of Steve's and my work schedules (I had a book party) we had to leave before the rest of the fun crew arrived.

Enjoying some subpar Pizza Factory. We weren't all that impressed with the quality of the PF in St. George. Luckily all can be improved with a little alfredo and ranch! PS: I don't think my grandma is really irritated with E...I think I took the pic at a bad time!!! :)

Keeping herself entertained in the car...until she figured out how to take of the eraser and dump out all of the lead. I was none too pleased with that trick.

On June 18 Steve's company hosted a party for employees and their families at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. It was awesome! They had a barbeque with all you can eat hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, chips, drinks, and popsicles. We also had full access to the park. This was Miss E's first trip to the zoo and she loved it despite the heat and that it was so close to bed time!

Little Miss loved the big water ball. Any time she can splash in water, she is a happy girl!

The token "Yes, Mom was there, too," photo.

Miss E loved the gorillas. They came right up next to the glass and E was enthralled.

June got pretty hot so we spent lots of time out by our "pool" (it is about three feet wide and 9 inches deep). E was somewhat confused by the cute little strawberries on her swimsuit. She kept wanting to eat them.

The beginning of the month of June was really fun and laid back. Then the craziness of the end of June and beginning of July came along...

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Jessie said...

So cute! Love the summer update! I'm not ready for summer to be over!