Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Photo Purge #2

We (E and I) spent the weekend with extended family at the Munro family reunion. This was full of the usual: people watching, eating, people watching, chatting with cousins and friends, oh, did I mention people watching?

Moving...this is really the only picture I have of moving. This was how Little Miss felt about the whole process.

Little Sis Kelsi came to visit. This was so fun and so helpful!!! She helped us in our house hunt by holding Miss E and giving her insightful opinion.

More house hunting. E was a trooper! She hardly cried or fussed at all. The following picture is of one of the two houses we put an offer on and then retracted. Short sells are a pain!

The following two pictures are of my friend Margaret's wedding to her sweetie James. This was a cool Native American ceremony, but it was really hot. E was exhausted as we used this time as our break from cleaning the apartment. We were both grumpy at the end of that long hot day!

On E's 6 month birthday she was able to fly for the first time, from Boise to Seattle. She was awesome!

Beautiful Mt. Rainier (we think?)

Stay tuned! More to come...(lucky you!)

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