Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Closer to 1 Than "Newborn"

My baby is growing so fast! I feel like I just barely wrote her 6 month post, and yet here I am thinking back on her 7th month.
(Most of the pictures I would have used were posted in the Purge posts. This was taken in the FREEZING Seattle airport after.)

This was a big month for Little Miss E! She had many firsts:
*First airplane ride (champ!)
*First camping trip (champ!)
*First two teeth
*Crawling (at least an army crawl)
*Real intro to solids (champ!)
*She is now a full-blown thumb sucker! She (we) would not survive without that appendage!
As I have looked back on the last 7 months I have come to realize that this little girl was worth every moment I had to wait for her. I love her more and more each day!!! I realize what a blessing it is to have a beautiful, healthy child and I thank my Heavenly Father for her constantly. I hope to never take for granted the stewardship I have been given.

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