Friday, June 12, 2009

More E

I was thinking this week about the post I made about E being 4 months and I realized that I left out a few things. This post is mostly for me, but I'll add some pictures for your viewing pleasure!
*E has started not only grabbing toys but her feet as well. This is really entertaining for us and was what helped her to learn to roll from her back to her tummy.
*Her new security and comfort "thing" is to suck her thumb. I never wanted my children to suck their thumbs, but when the binky didn't work and the thumb went in, I wasn't complaining. This has helped her to sleep through the night because she wakes up and cries for about 20 seconds and then pops it in and goes back to sleep....blessed relief for me!!!
The foot grab in action...I tried to get a picture of it in her mouth but to no avail.

My mom got E this super cute outfit so of course I had to get a picture! (She had black jeans and silver sandals on also!)


Sandra said...

Maybe you should come to Bear Lake Monday night, I NEED TO KISS THAT BABY'S CHEEKS!!!

Matt and Sarah said...

Your little girl is adorable. I can't believe how quick she is growing up. She is going to be as pretty as her mommy.