Friday, February 13, 2009

Saving Grace

The last few days Miss E has had a really stuffy nose. She has had a seemingly very difficult time breathing through her nose especially when she is nursing or falling asleep. We have tried the nasal aspirator over and over to no avail. Yesterday we bought this cheap humidifier from Walgreens and today I am singing its praises! We got tons more sleep last night and I credit it to the fact that girlfriend could breathe!!! Let's hope we can keep this up!


Sara said...

Ditto to that - Tanner and Eli got sick when he was a week old and we used our humidifier every night. Parenting is totally a trial and error thing sometimes to see what works!

Katie said...

I'm a bit late but congratulations on your beautiful baby E!!! I'm glad the birth went well! Isn't it amazing?? I was totally feeling your pain about arriving to the hospital and only being a 3 after sitting through hours of contractions at home. I wanted to smack the nurse who checked me! But hey, it all works out in the end, right? Well, enjoy that beautiful girl of yours!

Kim said...

Congratulations Danielle & Steve! She is beautiful! If you are ever planning a trip up here to WA, we would love to have you over too!
Take Care.