Monday, June 9, 2008


The week after school got out my mom took my Grandma, sister and I on a Mexican Riviera cruise. It was awesome! I loved watching Grandma get pampered and love it. Michelle and I were able to have some good bonding time in our little room as well.
Some highlights of the trip:
*Being the last ones on the ship due to some...trouble at the Boise airport for Mom and Michelle.
*Seeing dolphins jump right outside our window the first morning of the trip.
*Michelle being talked into tasting escargots (snails) and then of course I had to try one too. blech
*Watching Grandma attempt to understand what all of the people with crazy accents were trying to say to her.
*Me having my first taste of alcohol thanks to a drunken pear (and then spitting it immediately after because it was nasty!!!)
*Michelle being told she was being spoiled because she was so "hot" (she had a horrible sunburn).
*Ziplining through the forest of Puerto Vallarta.
*Enjoying every dessert every night. We even got free "birgin" (virgin) drinks a few times on that Mexican cruise "bacation" (vacation). (We loved how all of the guys in the dining room said couldn't say their v's.)
(These are pictures of Mom and Grandma drinking their free "birgin Lub Connection" (Virgin Love Connection) that Eynar brought us.)
*All of the attention we got at the dining room because we were so fun every night...even without alcohol!
I don't have the best pictures from the trip so you'll have to look at my mom's blog for better ones. All in all it was a great vacation! Thanks Mom! I love you so much! And thanks Dad and Steve for letting us go...this was a much needed girl's "bacation!"


Tyson and Courtney said...

A mexican cruise? I'm so jealous! How fun! I miss you and hope you're enjoying your summer break!

Key Fam said...

LOL! Too funny! That sounded like fun, Danielle! And funny you should say that about how they say they're b's and v's pretty much interchangeably (is that a wor?!?). Ashlyn does the SAME thing..."valance" for balance....etc. I'll check out your mom's site for more pics!

Lanelle Barber said...

That looks like so much fun! we loved our cruise too, but now the problem is...we want to go another one every year. I don't think our budget will allow for that. Dang.