Sunday, March 10, 2013

Morning Time

She LOVES bananas! (1/25/13)
I want to record some of our daily routines for my girls when to look back on when they are older.
Our mornings are (generally) very low key. The girls wake up around 8:00 most days. I know that we are super lucky here, as lots of families start their days much earlier than us! Miss E will then do one of a few things. Some days she wakes up and Little Sister is still sleeping, so E will play in her room for a bit or come down and ask for breakfast. Sometimes Sis is awake so the two play happily, E giving Sis toys or telling her stories. Other days are less serene. E occasionally wakes up in a foul mood, screaming from her bed for breakfast (heaven help her and me those days!!!) She is not supposed to yell from her bed, for obvious reasons, so I will either let her yell it out (if the baby is awake already) or I will go up and she is reprimanded for making us all crazy.
She is not happy when meal time ends. (1/25/13)
The next step in our day is breakfast. Our girls don't branch out a whole lot with breakfast. Tiny eats a bowl of oatmeal with yogurt mixed in basically every day, along with (since we are always trying to fatten her up) whole milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed in. E has a slightly bigger variety. She often asks for bread with jam, cereal, or oatmeal. She also drinks the chocolate milk, although hers is not usually whole milk! The girls also love any kind of fruit they can get with breakfast. Sometimes I get a fun mom whim and make a good breakfast of waffles, eggs, etc, but those days are few and far between.
As soon as they are done eating I try to get the dishes unloaded from the dishwasher and the breakfast dishes done. I also have to sweep at this time. All of that is basically impossible once Tiny is out of her high chair. She is a "helper."
Watching TV so mom can get some work done (11/1/12)
From there the girls get dressed, play, and get their hair done. Since Steve works every other week and works nights, we have to keep somewhat quiet in the mornings. This is a challenge on some days more than others...these are the days the TV is a good entertainer while I get ready as fast as I can. Please don't judge if you come over before noon and I am still in my pjs with crazy hair!

The day after Halloween-a good look at how we feel about mornings around here. A little coo coo! (11/1/12)
This is the basic outline of our morning as it stands right now. We are really looking forward to warmer weather so we can head outside before noon!

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