Monday, October 25, 2010

Fourth of July

The day I got back from TN, we all headed up to Steve's sister's house in Ogden Valley. We love it there! It is gorgeous beyond words! We had so much fun with the fam, eating food, talking, and celebrating our country at the sweet bash put on by the city of Huntsville.
 Cute nephews loving the glow necklaces and plethora of treats!
 Just waiting for the fireworks to start. There was lots of fun music and we all busted a move or two. I was too busy dancing to get any good move busting photos!
 I love this pic of my sweet sister in law Ashley and Miss E!

Surprisingly she LOVED the fireworks! I was so glad (and relieved) since we had been traveling ALL day I thought for sure she would freak out, but instead she laughed and squealed and pointed throughout the whole show.

Such a fun weekend!!! We love having family close by and I hope we never take that blessing for granted!

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