Sunday, May 9, 2010

15 Month Cutie

Time flies! Looking back on the last three months, my heart aches because my baby is quickly turning into a little girl, but I can't help but smile at the fact that she is growing and is so healthy and strong.
Our doctor's visit went very well this month. We were glad to hear that E doesn't seem to be anemic anymore (12 month appt showed some signs). Her stats at this time are:

Weight: 21.13 lb ~ 30th percentile
Height: 30 1/4 in ~ 50th percentile
Head: 47 cm ~ 75th percentile
(She may be a little munchkin, but she's got a big head!)

*Full blown walker extraordinaire
*Doesn't really care to talk, but signs a few words: milk, more, food, please
*"Counts" We start counting and she makes sounds like she is counting too.
*Animal sounds: cow-ooo, monkey-oo oo, snake-sssss, piggy-k k k, fishy-she opens and closes her mouth
*Loves mom's "pretties" (bracelets)
*Still LOVES to make a mess and still HATES church...
*Pretty good eater still, but is starting to reject squishy foods, ie: rice with chicken soup.
*Favorite "toy": the rocks that make up our front yard

Fun at the Treehouse museum...blocks, puppets, storytime, fun!

Probably yelling at someone at the museum...she's a bit of a bully...we're working on that!
Fun at Baskin Robbins 31 cent night. It was freezing!

Miss E got her own scoop...Watermelon. Yum!

All of these next pictures were from a park near our house. She kept the sunglasses on for quite a while, which is surprising. Note: She went on all of the fun toys and still chose to play with rocks for the majority of the time we were there.

Little Missy, I never knew this would be possible, but I love you more than the day you were born! You are still my angel girl and I love you more than anything!

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