Sunday, November 8, 2009

9 Month Girl!

Her first Halloween...our cute little flower.

This was at her Dr. appointment. She made this face every single time I tried to take her picture!

I'm a little bit behind on this one, but Little Miss turned 9 months old this week. This has been a big, fun month for her! She (sadly) had to go to the doctor again this month, where we found out she is growing beautifully before they tortured her with more shots.

9 Month Stats:
*Height: 29 inches (95th %)
*Weight: 18.1 lbs (50th %)
*Head: 43 cm (90th %)
*Signs: more (food), milk
*Waves and (sort of) says "hi" and "bye"
*Pulls herself to a stand
* Can now crawl on hands and knees but would still rather army crawl.
*Can get into a bear crawl position on hands and feet.
*Sits very well on her own but cannot get there by herself.

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Kristen (Bows And Such) said...

I LOVE miss E's picture in the header, Dani!! And she's already 9 months old?!?!? Agh!!! What a cutie! SOMEday we'll make it up there to see the family again! Maybe in the spring... Take care!