Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have been informed that it has been too long since I last posted. Because my great intentions to update this week were (somewhat) foiled when I left my camera at my parents' house, I will just do a quick written update.

*Quick trip to Yellowstone: sighted 3 bears and many moose and elk; lots of time in the car with tag-teaming screaming little girls; obligatory trip to Old Faithful (Steve was unimpressed :)); and the usual awe that comes from being surrounded by the beauty of nature

*Cousin Stacy's wedding: enjoyed the quickest wedding ceremony ever (literally 5 minutes or less!), feeling the beautiful spirit that can only be found in the walls of the temple, spending time with family!

*In-Laws coming to stay with us for a week: lots of love and snuggles for Miss E!

*Lunch with Court and her little man: it was so fun to see one of my greatest friends and to meet her little guy Colter

*House Hunting: this was a long, trying experience; we have decided not to buy at this time but see below for current plans

*Munro Reunion: this was my mom's dad's family reunion; always interesting...

*Little Sis Kelsi visits: lots of fun!

*MOVING!: one word...YUCK!; we are officially out of Midway and off into the unknown; we are looking into building a house near Ogden, but in the meantime we are staying with Steve's brother's family

*Cleaning of apartment, weddings, and birthday parties!

*Ross Lake/Blaine trip: we went to Steve's childhood camping spot this last week and introduced E to her first true camping experience; lots of eating, sleeping, communing with nature; meeting Rangers "Rick" and Greg on not so cheerful terms (our rowdy family was told we had to leave...actually our group size was just too big for the park); food at McD's in Canada is way better than the US!; a very fun week!!!

Whoa...this has been a very busy month! Needless to say we are exhausted and trying to take a breath this week before more reunions and fun, fun, fun!

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