Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today Steve and I were talking about work and school. I always thought that once I got out of school life was going to be awesome. I would be so excited to start every week and get paid for doing something I loved. Don't get me wrong, I really like teaching, but I'm not sure it's my passion. Steve asked me if I wished I were back in school and I sadly had to say yes, sometimes I do wish I were back in school. Starting class at 7:30 or 8 and being done anywhere from 12-2. If I missed a class I was the only one I had to worry about. Now I have work every day from 7:15-5:00 (which includes travel times). Sometimes I don't even get home until 8 or 9. If I want to miss a day, I have to make sure I can get a sub and then I still have to spend over an hour planning for the person who will be taking care of my "angels" for the day.

I worry for Steve because we both know that he is not done with school (which he really hates!). And all of this might be working toward something he might wake up dreading every day for the rest of his working life.

So the question I pose to you today is: How do you find your passion? How do you find the thing that will keep you motivated to get up and go every day. I know that no matter what you do there will be days that you just don't want to wake up to, but I'm talking about the majority of days and weeks. I know that Steve and I are still young. I still have the opportunity to go back to school if I want, in order to search for a vocation that is truly stimulating to me. But how do I go about doing that? Any ideas? We have listening ears!


Sara said...

I wish I knew! I really do love teaching. My bigger passion is singing and I really wanted to be an MDT major. I just didn't want the life that comes with being a singer/actress. Teaching is also more practical and will help with mommyhood. During the bad days teaching I often wonder why I didn't just do music! I am so excited to have kids and not have to be to work at a certain time and to decide what I want to do with my kids. I'm not a big fan of working, especially when working only gives me a few hours a day with Eli. I just think to the future and that helps on the bad days!

Steve and Meredith said...

Well, I think you will be great whatever you decide to do!

Mangone said...

Join the Air Force everyday is an adventure. WOO HOO. ...... just kidding never join the military.