Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Washington Trip

This weekend Steven and I got to visit his parents at home in Blaine. It was so fun to get away, even if it was only for a few days. We drove to Boise on Friday night (much cheaper flights) and flew to Seattle first thing on Saturday. Steve's dad picked us up at the airport. I fell asleep for the two hour drive home, which ended up being a very good thing because Steve and his dad saw 14 car accidents due to the snow and ice. We were able to see Steve's nephew, Henry, wrestle at a tournament before heading home. It ended up snowing all day Saturday and Sunday so church was canceled. It was so nice to just relax! Monday we got up very early so we could make it to Seattle in time for Steve's interview at the University of Washington. While he was sweating it, I went with his parents to the mall and Target...what girl could ask for anything more. Then we picked up Steve and went straight to the airport.
I forgot to mention that Seattle had one of its top 10 rainfall days...ever! Traffic was awful and flights were delayed/canceled all over the place. Luckily ours was only 10 minutes late. The flight was a bit bumpy but we made it safely. We ended up staying in Boise last night even though I wanted to get back to my class. Now we are back, sitting in our little apartment, trying to get excited for the day ahead of us tomorrow.


Annie said...

Any idea where you guys might end up? Looks like Matt and are probably heading out to UOP...crazy!

WeTheTeeples said...

i am glad you uys were able to take a little vacation. It sounds like it was exciting. I hope everything went well with the interview.

Ryan T said...

I'm glad you were able to weasel out of church!